orangeHealthy eating habits are based on knowledge and motivation for a lifelong health status.

Through Advanced Nutrition topics it is provided the knowledge regarding the best diet for today. These topics were built on the latest research in Nutrition Science and Health. There is a general consensus that Plant-based diet is the most adequate because the risk/ benefit ratio to develop a nutrient deficiency is lower than the risk/ benefit ratio to develop a chronic degenerative disease while on a non-vegetarian diet.  In the same time, the Scripture’s recommendations on diet and health are more and more recognized as genuine science.

Enthusiasm Meal Collection is intended to join together menu items, in order to make you enjoy the variety and abundance of good foods that lead to better health.

Learning to cook is much more than simply learning to follow a recipe. Vegetarian cuisine is based on creativity. What is the most important is to manage some of its secrets. It is the purpose of the Secrets from Vegetarian Cuisine to equip you with basic information in order that cooking techniques help you preserve or enhance the health-promoting nutrients of the foods when they reach the table.

Dr MargiAnne Isaia, MD MPH